Bronze Grand Sphere

Each Bronze sculpture is created by hand weaving with wax lengths in Rachel's trademark woven swirls to create the spherical sculpture. The wax sculpture is then transported to Pangolin Editions foundry to be transformed into bronze using the lost wax technique.

This new sculpture is totally unique and the first of its kind, it can't be replicated or moulded ensuring each piece is a one off. The very first Bronze Grand Sphere was showcased at the 100th Chelsea Flower show before being donated to the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site in Derbyshire.

The Bronze sphere is now available to commission in three sizes and a range of colours, simply select your size and contact Rachel with your colour preference.

Watch more videos, below:

Bronze Sphere Weaving
The first video of a series, showing the creation of the Bronze Sphere from start to finish.

Bronze Spheres, Wax welding
This is the second major part of the creation of the spheres before the piece goes to the foundry.

Bronze Grand Sphere Sculpture
A very short clip of the woven bronze sculpture nestled amongst buttercups and long grass at the Botanical Gardens of The University of Leicester.

Purchase your own:

Commission your own Grand Bronze Sphere, prices are shown for three sizes to give an indication of cost, please contact Rachel directly to discuss your commission needs.

Diameter 50cm
£18,000 *

Diameter 80cm
£22,000 *

Diameter 100cm
£25,000 *

* Each Bronze Grand Sphere takes 12-16 weeks to create and includes delivery to UK Mainland, please get in touch for shipping costs for world wide shipping.
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