Live Projects 2019

The Photogrammetry Rig

The Photogrammetry Rig


Rachel’s has been commissioned to create a full size Pilgrim Woman Bronze Sculpture for the 400th anniversary celebration in 2020.

The statue will be created from a digital scan of Rachel, 3D printed and cast in Bronze at Pangolin Editions Foundry.

The traditional Tudor dress was hand stitched by a group of volunteers at Gainsborough’s Old Hall, a magnificent Medieval hall connected to the Separatist story.

A sketch of the  Fallen Acorn  sculpture

A sketch of the Fallen Acorn sculpture

Fallen Acorn

Rachel has recently been commissioned by the ‘Forever Stars’ baby loss charity to create a new sculpture for their memorial garden in Nottinghamshire.

The ‘Fallen Acorn’ will become one of a series of sculptures for the garden that will have memorial petals woven onto the surface.

The sculpture will be installed in Spring 2020

Rachel aboard ‘Atlantic Sea’

Rachel aboard ‘Atlantic Sea’

Adventures of a Pilgrim Woman

Rachel has been asked to present her recent adventures crossing the Atlantic in four Nottinghamshire libraries in Nov/Dec this year.

Come along to either Worksop, Beeston, West Bridgford or Mansfield to hear Mayflower passenger William Bradford adding his experiences from his voyage in 1620 and Rachel’s experiences on cargo ship ‘Atlantic Sea’.

Booking essential, click here for more information.