Learning New Skills

Over the course of the last four months I’ve been learning CAD (Computer Aided Design) alongside the architecture students at Nottingham College as part of an Artist residency. Being a very handy person it was quite a challenge to create on a computer rather than use my hands.

One of the challenges set by my tutor was to complete a task that was asked of me during a recent commission, to create a computer drawing of my proposed sculpture so that the planners could see what the sculpture would look like before it was created. The actual task at the time had to be outsourced and it made me wonder if this could be the first of many requests.

Challenge accepted!

The task felt very daunting at first but as the weeks went by I began to get more and more confident with my newly acquired skills. The results aren’t perfect but I feel I created a good digital version that does not look too dissimilar to the actual sculpture.

See what you think.

Here are the results; L-R The finished Sculpture, sketch created on Sketch Up, a pencil sketch.