Sculpture due for Unveiling

All the elements of the sculpture have been coming together over the last few weeks. A 2 tonne block of Derbyshire sandstone has been selected from the quarry which has been given a clean cut across the top and bottom ready to form the plinth of the sculpture. The four outer sides have been left natural to give a contrast with the delicate bronze piece.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the sculpture installed and can’t wait to be able to share images with you, but for now heres the plinth awaiting a bronze sculpture.

History of Glass Production in Hatton

Over the last few months I have been delving into the history of blown glass production at the Trent Valley works that once stood in Hatton, South Derbyshire to gather inspiration for my forthcoming sculpture for the Salt Brook meadow.

The relationship between the groups of workers is as fascinating as is the tools and moulds they used. 

New Commission - Salt Brook Heritage Trail

An exciting new heritage project, set up by local community group Friends of the Salt Brook Trail, Hatton, to rediscover and celebrate Hatton's impressive industrial past.

Friends of the Salt Brook Trail, Hatton, is working with People Express to create an informative and inspiring heritage experience for all ages. The project will involve a series of landmarks, sculptures and installations that tell the surprisingly impressive story of the industrial heritage of the Saxon village of Hatton.

The project will capture oral histories of those who have worked in and been affected by the change, growth and loss of the industries. The local community is actively involved in researching the heritage and designing and making sculptures for the trail. 

Excerpt taken from The Friends of Salt Brook Heritage Trail 2018 calendar.

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