Post Chelsea...Suffering with the Chelsea Bug!

Well it’s been nearly three weeks since the Chelsea Flower show ended and I have returned back to work in the studio, and it feels like something is missing.

To start with my studio feels very empty, for months the work for the flower show had been building up within my space and I had quite enjoyed the fullness, everywhere you looked there was work crammed into every nook and cranny. But, now it is all gone and there is a tidy clean studio space, I have space to move but it somehow feels unsettling. 

Secondly, I relished all the paper work and organising that went into such a huge event and now it’s all completed, the final report has been posted to Arts Council, the bills have been paid and the folder that I have carried round for almost 2 years has been neatly filed away.

It’s not like I’ve have been doing nothing since coming back, quite the opposite I have been busy sending out quotes and making new work and preparing for upcoming shows, but the excitement has gone. I’ve achieved my dream of showing at Chelsea, and now I don’t know what can replace the feeling. 

Perhaps this is the side affects of showing with the RHS at Chelsea, once you’ve been there and tasted it, you want more, I am sickening with the Chelsea bug, I want to do it again!!!

Action plan.

  1. Work my socks off
  2. Save like crazy
  3. Network, network
  4. Make loads of work
  5. Experiment with new designs and Ideas.
  6. Apply to RHS and lets hope they have me back.

Watch this space, Rachel’s cunning plan! (as Baldrick would say)